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VITAAL is an innovative, comprehensive system for geriatric rehabilitation.

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What is VITAAL?

VITAAL is an innovative, comprehensive system for geriatric rehabilitation. It uses wearable sensors and a web-based interface to provide evidence-based motor-cognitive training with high usability and quick/barrier-free application in the clinic and at home. An assessment system is included in the setup for the analysis of the functional status using a simple to use gait assessment tool. A digital web-based rehabilitation cockpit helps as a centralized management in the whole process.


Clinical Portal

  • Gait Analysis
  • Training individualization
  • Progress monitoring
  • Profiles management

Wearable Sensors

  • Inertial Sensors for movement analysis
  • Dynamometer for PFM contractions monitoring
  • [Bluetooth Smart (R) connectivity]


  • Management and Decision Support System (MDSS)

Web-based exergame

  • Targeted interventions through gaming
  • Unlimited replay value
  • Usable interfaces
  • Interaction using body movements

What's the innovation?

VITAAL effectively combines an easy to use system to conduct personalized training interventions and a gait assessment system with the use of web-based technologies to optimize the interventions and provide relevant data in the rehabilitation process.

System setup

image solution

Target-oriented training

Effective, target-oriented training, that promotes health and independence in older adults.


The innovative solution uses advanced gait analysis to help formulate individualized training interventions


The VITAAL project (AAL-2017-066) is funded by the European Commission as part of the Active and Assisted Living Program and the National Funding Agencies from Portugal, Belgium and Switzerland.