Project extension for 6 months

Update on the status of the project during the COVID-19 pandemic

In April this year we have just started to have the first usability studies for our prototype. We have extended the development phase and put more effort to have a more reliable first prototype for the upcoming usability studies. Our experiences from the previous projects showed us, that the better the prototype, the more we can get from the usability studies.

However, we had to interrupt the usability studies due the international spread of the COVID-19 virus and the strict regulations in the partners' countries.

Therfore the cooridinator DIVIDAT requested the Central Management Unit (CMU) of the AAL Program for an extension of 6 months on behalf of the consortium

Thankfully, a cost neutral extension of the VITAAL project was approved at central and national level.

Thanks to the AAL support, VITAAL partners will have the possibility to achieve the expected objectives and results of this challenging AAL project.