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Vânia Guimarães presenting on the 6th Winter Symposium of the Human Motion Project

The Winter Symposium of the Human Motion Project is a yearly event that aims to improve human health by evidence-based decision support tools for diagnosis and treatment through a better understanding of the specific nature of human motion and its consequences for the mind and body. The “6th Winter Symposium of the Human Motion Project” was entitled “Real world walking speed – definition, measurement, validation and regulatory acceptance”. During a single day, 14 inspiring talks were given, addressing several topics that are highly related and highly relevant to the VITAAL project, e.g.:

  • walking speed as a vital sign for the care of older patients
  • walking speed in clinical and real-world settings
  • inertial sensors for gait analysis
  • certification of sensors for clinical use
  • the neural control of gait
  • the importance of dual-task walking to distinguish gait disorders with the involvement of the brain (e.g. cognitive impairment)
  • combined motor-cognitive training as a more effective way to improve gait stability and brain functioning
  • walking speed as a digital endpoint for future drug development trials

The symposium was organized by the Technical University of Munich and took place at the University Hospital Rechts der Isar in Munich, Germany.


This activity represented mainly an opportunity to learn from other researchers, involved in research in the the areas of walking speed assessment, gait analysis, motor-cognitive training, among others. The symposium gave us once more a confirmation of the relevancy and innovation underlying our project, namely through the use of walking speed to personalize motor-cognitive interventions for seniors. It was also an opportunity to disseminate our project and our research.