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Paper Publication: An Exergame Solution for Personalized Multicomponent Training in Older Adults

Paper Publication from the VITAAL Group

We are happy to announce that our Paper got published in Applied Sciences (MDPI). Applied Sciences is an international, peer-reviewed, open access journal on all aspects of applied natural sciences published semimonthly online by MDPI.

An Exergame Solution for Personalized Multicomponent Training in Older Adults

In addition to contributing to increased training motivation, exergames are a promising approach to counteract age-related impairments. Mobility limitations, cognitive impairment, and urinary incontinence are very common in older adults. To optimally address these conditions, exergames should include interventions for strength, balance, cognition, and pelvic floor muscle training. In this study, we develop a personalized multicomponent exergame solution for the geriatric rehabilitation of age-related impairments. The exergame can provide interventions for balance, strength, cognition, and urinary incontinence in one single session, accommodating the needs of older adults with multiple disabilities. For its development, we involved a multidisciplinary team that helped us to specify the structure and contents of the exergame considering training requirements, game design principles, and end-user characteristics. In addition to allowing the customization of the training components, the exergame includes automatic adaptation of difficulty/load, in line with player progress over time. The game mechanics ensures the fulfilment of training needs as defined by the therapist. The exergame is cross-platform compatible (web-based) and includes novel means of interaction with wearable sensors. View Full-Text

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