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Masterclass comfort care for dementia

Taking care of the patient and care provider ... Realistic?

Place: Woonzorgcentrum De Wingerd, Leuven

Type of target group: Therapists, health care providers for people with dementia

Based on the vision on ComfortZorg, with the emphasis on passive daily living care provision, it was demonstrated in this training that high-quality care for a person with severe dementia needs comfortable, efficient and ergonomically responsible care and can be carried out by the health care providers.

In the introduction to this training, Sensory (De) Integration (Problem) Therapy is highlighted in people with dementia: the deterioration of their own bodily feelings and the associated sensory input is clearly framed and explained in detail. In workshops, that theory was immediately translated into practice. The formation is conceived as a hands-on event, in which they went through the various ComfortZorg sub-areas. Icing on the cake: at the end of the day we visited one of the Zenso Cocoon spaces where we could experience the impact of sensory input ourselves!

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