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Meet the project partners: ETH Zurich

About the Motor Control and Learning Laboratory at ETH Zurich

The Motor Control and Learning Research Group is part of the Institute of Human Movement Sciences and is associated with the Laboratory of Exercise and Health at ETH Zurich. Eling D. de Bruin, who has expertise in physical therapy and human movement science, leads the research group. In addition to his position at ETH, he is working as a Professor of Physiotherapy at Karolinska Institutet in Sweden. The research group of Eling D. de Bruin focuses on motor control and the related cognitive abilities in older people and patients with neurodegenerative diseases. They aim to establish high transferability of experimental and basic research to relevant and impactful applied research. Their objective is to promote general understanding of how human movement and cognition interact and to provide guidelines for older people, patients and clinicians. One specific research area is the development and evaluation of reliable training and therapy methods in the form of exergames. Exergaming includes the combinatory training of physical and cognitive functions to counteract their degradation in older adults and neurological patients.

Role in VITAAL

The Motor Control and Learning Group at ETH Zurich has a considerable experience in the co-development and evaluation of exergame trainings for different target groups such as young and older adults and people with neurocognitive impairment. For the VITAAL project, the research group will support the development of the VITAAL exergame targeting older adults with (1) Mobility Impairments, (2) Cognitive Impairments, and (3) Urinary Incontinence.

ETH will take the responsibility for the study design of the intervention trials and their coordination between the research partners Physio SPArtos, University of Montréal and KU Leuven. ETH’s role as the leader in testing and validation is to ensure high quality realization and evaluation of the studies in all three countries, Canada, Belgium, and Switzerland.