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Recording of strength training animations

Strength training animations recorded

VITAAL exergame incorporates an intervention for strength training, inspired in Tai Chi movements. Drawing on results from a previous project, Active@Home, strength training movements had to be adjusted and improved. To reproduce these movements in an Avatar within the game, and being able to programmatically adjust the number of repetitions and velocity of the movements, motion capture (MoCap) is required. For that, we used the VICON system available in our lab and the software VICON Shogun. Reflective markers enabled the capture of full body movements of a person. Markers occlusions and swaps were corrected in a post-processing steps after acquiring the data, to generate the animations for the game.


Recorded animations were used to produce the strength training intervention within the VITAAL exergame. Animations were manually post-processed for an improvement in their quality.

You can watch the video here: