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Project Partner AICOS performing usability tests in their LAB

Eight seniors were invited to participate in a usability study, conducted at FhP-AICOS facilities. Several activities of this kind were organized since the beginning of the project, so that the game could be developed considering the needs and specificities of older adults. Game usability and game experience are important factors to ensure engagement and fun while playing, important to ensure compliance with the training activities. In these usability sessions, seniors were invited to execute several tasks within the game, e.g. login and connect to the sensors, follow the instructions within the game, play two games and logout. A facilitator provided all required information to the participants, thereafter avoiding any additional interaction, unless the participant asked for information or the successful continuation of the test was compromised. An observer registered all relevant feedback from the tests. Seniors were recruited through the user network COLABORAR (


These tests provided us important information about the usability of the exergame. The feedback from the tests was registered, and required changes were incorporated in the game. E.g.: added sound as feedback when buttons are activated; added video showing a person moving away from the TV; added feedback for the selected direction as given by the steps; changed the tutorial; changed design of game themes to be more easily recognizable; added sound and animation when the game finishes; etc. The next phase of usability testing should involve the target users of VITAAL – seniors with mobility impairment, cognitive impairment or urinary incontinence -, and will be coordinated by clinical partners. Feedback from these trials will be incorporated in the game before starting the main randomized controlled feasibility study.