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Vânia Guimarães: Paper presentation

Presentation of the paper "Detection and classification of multidirectional steps for motor-cognitive training in older adults using shoe-mounted inertial sensors"

41st Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBC)

Interactive games have the potential to mitigate or prevent gait impairments and cognitive decline in older adults. This study aimed at developing a novel real-time step detection and direction classification approach to be used in the evaluation of multidirectional steps and interaction while playing motor-cognitive games. Two shoe-mounted inertial sensors were used to capture foot motions, which were treated interchangeably after the application of a novel foot sagittal reflection method. A single multi-class classifier was able to distinguish step direction with an accuracy of 98.1%. Experimental results support the applicability of the solution in the context of interactive motor-cognitive training.

Here you can access the paper: