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Walking and stepping data acquisition

We started the data collection activity in December 2019, after study approval by the Ethical Committee of the University of Porto. This activity involved the participation of young and older adults, who performed walking and multidirectional stepping activities in our lab. Participants were asked to walk at different walking speeds – comfortable, fast and slow -, and different turning directions. Inertial sensor data and MoCap data (foot trajectories acquired using VICON) were collected simultaneously. VICON markers were placed on the shoes, and a custom developed foot model was used to extract gait parameters. Multidirectional stepping data was also collected, to increase the volume of stepping data collected under the scope of the project. In the beginning of the February we were finishing the acquisition of data with young adults (26 people) and were starting the recruitment of seniors through the network COLABORAR. Unfortunately, due to the spread of the Covid-19 virus, these activities had to be interrupted.


Data collected under the scope of these activities is being used to improve multidirectional stepping detection and classification, as well as improve and validate gait analysis solutions based on inertial sensors placed on the shoes.