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Paper publication from our partner, the Incontinence and Aging Laboratory

A Dynamometer-based Wireless Pelvic Floor Muscle Force Monitoring

Published on the Journal: 42nd Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine & Biology Society (EMBC)

  • by Batoul El-Sayegh / Chantale Dumoulin

You can find the link to the paper here:

A four-page conference paper was published preceding the EMBC conference presentation. This is published in IEEE and many other databases.

This paper covers the design and implementation of a proof of concept for a wireless system measuring pelvic floor muscle forces based on a dynamometer. The proposed device is the main component of a novel assessment tool for pelvic floor muscle rehabilitation in women suffering from urinary incontinence. The proposed system allows the physiotherapist to wirelessly monitor variation in pelvic floor muscle forces during assessment or training. Wireless communication is provided by a Bluetooth low energy transceiver and a corresponding interface designed for this purpose. Force measurements are sensed with strain gauge precision sensors operated in a Wheatstone bridge configuration. The designed module consumes 14 mW of power in operating mode. System design and experimental results are reported and discussed.