VITAAL is an individualized multicomponent exergame training that uses gait analysis to formulate individualized interventions


Preferred walking speed is strongly associated with increased risk of disability, cognitive impairment, falls and all cause mortality.


VITAAL uses personalized training programs based on physical interactive games and interventions for mobility impairment, urinary incontinence and cognitive impairment.


The innovative solution uses advanced gait analysis to help formulate individualised interventions.


Clinical Portal

  • Gait Analysis
  • Training individualization
  • Progress monitoring
  • Profiles management

Wearable Sensors

  • Inertial Sensors for movement analysis
  • Dynamometer for PFM contractions monitoring
  • [Bluetooth Smart (R) connectivity]


  • Management and Decision Support System (MDSS)

Web-based exergame

  • Targeted interventions through gaming
  • Unlimited replay value
  • Usable interfaces
  • Interaction using body movements

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